@sahil Just wanted to say, I came across your blog post blog.sahilister.in/2021/12/hos and the links a useful read as I get back into self-hosting a 1 user instance

@trumpet Hi there, I was hoping to get access to your relay on relay.mas.to/inbox . I'm a solo user instance and I've set out server rules that represent a personal code of conduct for me, taken from yours. I'm also twitter.com/jamesgallagher if that helps answer "who are you?" from your perspective.

Having a ponder about the practicalities of having a solo Mastodon instance (obviously I like my personal branding :D )

Things seemed to have died down a bit here again. Just a brief period of uptake for Mastodon it seems

They're not kidding when they say openssl dhparam -out /etc/ssl/certs/dhparam.pem 4096 will take a long time

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